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Vodafone Recharge Code Generator

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We took various months to realize this project but now is up: the Vodafone Recharge Code Generator is a comfortable program that will generate a working recharge code for the amount you select (do you want to learn more? See the video demonstration).

Team iNFiNiTY didn’t make this powerful program alone this time, but we contacted an external team  that leaked Vodafone’s original algorithms of recharge codes making, months ago. They were very helpful and I personally want to thank them.


  • Multiple codetypes support
  • UK recharges (£)
  • EUR countries recharges (€)
  • Full undetectable
  • Generates every time a different code

As you can see in our new version, the v3.7, various problems that afflicted the 3.5 were fixed: the program doesn’t crash anymore when you generate eleven consecutive codes and it doesn’t freeze (thanks to BlueFlame for bug reporting!) when you generate a £ 50 code more than twice.

The Vodafone Recharge Code Generator is available for free download without hidden costs. As always, Ultimate Hacks takes some precautions to minimize misuse of the files’ downloads and also to keep a count of the number of downloads. So, the users will be asked to complete some surveys before they are given access to the Vodafone Recharge Code Generator download link. It will only take a few minutes to complete the surveys and all genuine downloaders should not have any problems or issues finishing them. Upon completion, users are then provided with a direct link to the host location of the Vodafone Recharge Code Generator. Files are hosted in a safe location and users are protected from any type of a malware or virus infection via the downloads. Ultimatehacks.net has a reputation for providing 100% clean download files so users can be assured of their safety.


Hint: Please DO NOT share your codes with other people!

Download Vodafone Recharge Code Generator
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If first link doesn’t work, use the Mirror Vodafone Recharge Code Generator

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Video demo


About iNFiNiTY

Ultimate Hacks, known website for its exclusive content about hacking tools and programs, met Team iNFiNiTY about the first week of October 2012. The two teams joined together to make an extra-powerful hacking team ready to hack every new game Software Houses will release. Team iNFiNiTY is famous for the Pay Per Download first leak, when they made public a lot of informations about the locking techniques used by PPD websites. Team iNFiNiTY discovered the Steam Private Key that we are using together to make the best hack ever for Steam games, achievement system and wallet system. Team iNFiNiTY also cracked Blizzard's Battle.NET 2.0 protection algorithm and Warden, but unfortunately their powerful maphack and their tools currently are private only for the internal members of the team.No information is provided by the author.


  1. liza


  2. opurt

    This fucking worked. Great work, guys. I will donate if I’ll can.

  3. Mark

    Fuck yeah! Vodafone has just sent me a message: € 50 received.
    Thank you, working and legit program!

  4. Matthew S

    yeeessss!! it’s working ty

  5. Random

    Thank you my phone is rich now :D

  6. nmlpc

    Thank you i got a free recharge ;)

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