1. Erfan

    Well, long but working…i’ll give a try.

  2. Salam

    Just bought a Diamondback! I’m premium now!

  3. Kobe

    Why do you share a private downloader with everybody if your files are hosted in fileice too?

    • Gooby

      Because our tool bypasses the survey and send fake cookies, like the survey is completed but it’s not completed really.
      This means you don’t complete nothing and uploader earns.

  4. ZygisD

    wow i’m really premium now and legally too

  5. forahobby

    Wow this fucking worked and legitly too

  6. Xavier Hawthorne

    Why should I stop at 5 $? I’m earning alot

    • Gooby

      Because $ 5 it’s the minimum to charge your Steam Wallet, but if you have the patience and the time you can arrive even at $ 100!

  7. Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you.

    • Gooby

      If you clone it perfectly (I mean don’t change the FreeMoneyFactory code, and credit to us) yes.

  8. EMG

    Does this work for Macs??????????

  9. PIE BOY

    It takes so time but I did it

  10. Jeff

    I am a Team Fortress 2 fan. I want to have the perfect game experience. Who can tell me which kind of graphics card could I use?

  11. H4rdC0r3

    When i try to start that app, it says that it doesnt run on this emulator

    • This is weird. Try looking for solutions in the BlueStacks support forums – https://getsatisfaction.com/bstk

      • H4rdC0r3

        Its because a newer version of FreeMoneyMaker :(, downloaded an older one, it works but i cant earn point because it asks me to download a new version of it :(

        • hmmm why do must instal bluestack is this for mac or forsomething??? . . .

          • You need bluestacks to emulate Android Apps. It’s the well made and most known emulator of Android.

  12. RandomTF2Player

    Hey there,

    I’ve downloaded everything, but when I click on the Money Factory app, it also says “App doesn’t run on emulators”… I don’t know where to find a newer version. Could you help me?

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hmm

    I’m from Europe, so how can I get Euros? or some kind of exchange, I don’t know….

    • I’m sorry but the method doesn’t work anymore, since Bluestacks is no more able to make Free Money Factory running. Also, Free Money Factory recently became a scam.

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